How to get started, you ask?

Well, whether you need a new website OR you're re-vamping an existing website, we follow a 5 step process to turn your ideas into action!

Each step is carefully planned out to consider every strategy point and opportunity for you to reach your ideal clients and customers.

Ready to get started?  Complete your Website Project Survey - and you're in action mode!

Client Care Plans

Step 1: Discovery

We meet via cell phone or or Skype to discuss your Website Project Survey you completed.

We analyze where you are in business right now and goals you want to achieve.  We talk about your ideal clients and customers.  We talk about your competitors.  And we talk about industry challenges and the best way to solve them.

The outcome is a strategic plan to achieve your goals and specific ways for you to win more business.

Now that you're armed with a strategy for success, you'll receive a checklist of things to collect, i.e. content, images, logos, branding information, etc.

2. Design

Hooray!  You're officially on board and the process of building your web presence begins!

At this stage, the functional 'skeleton' of your website begins to take shape.  We map out a site content structure and make initial design decisions with an eye for turning site visitors into leads and building trust and brand awareness.

As you see the website take shape, you sign off on the overall design, functionality and direction to move forward.

3. Develop

Most of the technical coding, configuration and 3rd party integrations happen during this stage.  In other words, this is when we take care of all the 'back end' stuff. 

All of your content, images and design elements are fully developed into your website.

We make sure your website has well written code, is secure, SEO optimized and displays beautifully across all devices.

4. Deploy

The excitement level is rising!

This is your opportunity to test thoroughly and fine tune your new website.  This means, checking everything outlined in the original proposal and design phase to make sure everything is in place.

You approve your website for deployment!  Congratulations.

5. Deliver ROI

Wahoo!  Party!

Your website is LIVE and now it's time to build your return on investment by getting getting more traffic and customers.  Learn about how MarketCarolina services can help you leverage your new website.

Client Care Plans help you keep your website and software in top shape.

5 Quick Fixes...


- Make sure you can get found

- Share your website

- Get visitors to take action

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